Active toddlers require an entirely different type of environment that challenges young children’s senses; to see, to feel and to touch, in order to connect their minds and bodies.

At Wonder Years Learning Center we offer a safe and nurturing toddler daycare environment, much like home, but with trained, dedicated and qualified teachers. Hugging and cuddling are a big part of the day, stimulating your child’s need to fully engage in the learning process.

We encourage toddlers in our childcare center to discover with personalized activities, toys and lessons that are appropriate for their age, coinciding with their individual milestones. Wonder Years toddler program introduces your child to a structured day full of fun activities, small group interaction, and independent exploration. Our toddler and infant childcare programs are an excellent preparation for preschool and Kindergarten!

As children grow, we want them to have more structure in the classroom. For this, we have developed more formal procedure so that we can develop their auditory listening and social skills.With a toddler-enriched curriculum we encourage growth through playing games, art, sensory stimulation, fine and gross motor skills, music and movement.

Stimulating toddler activities include:

• Language and early literacy development
• Creative movements through music
• Matching, sorting, and exploring color
• Self expression through creative art
• Introduction of books, puppets and story time