Keeping your kids busy during the summer comes down to having a variety of activities for them to attend and look forward to. Whether it’s a trip to the pool, grandma’s house, or spending a day in the kitchen discovering how yeast works — having a range of activities will not only keep them busy and active, but learning as well!

If you’re looking for a preschool learning center in Munster who is passionate about fostering a love of learning in your little ones, get in touch with the teachers at Wonder Years Learning Center. We make it a priority to keep your children active and engaged. That’s why we have a weekly event that you and your children can look forward to! On Friday, July 27th, we’re taking a field trip to Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry. Here are just a few of the exhibits that are being offered that are perfect for preschool age children.

Preschool Learning Center DyerThe Science Behind Pixar

The Pixar brand has probably created a few of your children’s favorite movies, including Toy Story, Brave, and Coco. And their favorite characters, from Woody to Merida, wouldn’t have been able to tell their stories without the science and technology that happened behind the screen. This exhibit features interactive, hands-on displays that let your child see first hand how these movie characters were created. Maybe your little one will become a graphic designer one day!

Coal Mine

Imagine being able to walk through a “working” coal mine! Your child will be able to visit Old Ben No. 17, a mine that was relocated from Southern Illinois. The group can ride a hoist down into the mine and can learn the dangers of methane gas, learn how extraction machinery works, and see how the pickaxe has evolved over the last 50 plus decades. This is more than just a history lesson.

Genetics and the Baby Chick Hatchery

Has your child ever asked where they came from? This exhibit will explore the building blocks of life, DNA, and can teach them what makes them different from frogs, mice, and chicks! If the timing is right, you may even be able to see a baby chick breaking out of its shell!

Extreme Ice

The weather is becoming a must-know topic, even for preschool age children. Take a close look at the world’s largest glaciers through images and time-lapse video. Get an even closer look at let your child touch an actual seven-foot tall ice wall!

Preschool Learning Center DyerMirror Maze

Patterns are a natural part of our lives and children of any age will have a blast in a mirror maze and trying to find patterns that surround them. Patterns can be found in nature, in math, and in many things in between. It just takes a little bit of effort to find them!

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Who wouldn’t want to visit a fairy castle? But one that is miniature size? See the incredible details, artistry, and craftsmanship on display. Let your child’s imagination run while when they picture who would live in such a beautiful castle.

For children, they don’t often realize when they are actually learning and allowing their imagination to grow! Our preschool learning center in Munster wants every student to fall in love with learning, whether it’s patterns in math, or how to create a living character using art. Join us for a field trip that your child will never forget.

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