The goal of every parent is to give their child the best tools and resources possible in order to provide an upbringing that will lead to great successes later in life. Over the years, a plethora of research has been completed that establishes the link between music and development. Being able to couple musical activities with a quality learning center for preschoolers is a great way to promote optimal skill building and competencies in a number of fields. In our last blog, we took a basic look at a few main benefits that your young star can obtain through our preschool curriculum. The Wonder Years Learning Center is here to provide Indiana families with a quality daycare center that holds a proven track record. There are numerous preschool learning centers in the Dyer area, so it’s important to find a program that will provide the best learning opportunities for your child. Today, we’ll highlight a few more benefits that your toddler can gain from our highly rated preschool!

Memorization Mastering

Your toddler’s cognitive advances and fine motor skill improvements will work in tandem to also foster measurable memory advances. The process of engaging in music engages multiple parts of the brain, building strong neural pathways that will improve memory recall and retention. Music is often referred to as a universal language, and studies have proven the link between language learning and memory skills. Memorizing a song as simple as Hot Cross Buns will require memorization, where note sequences and rhythm need to be recalled for each jam session. When your toddler hones their memory abilities at a young age, they can benefit from the skill for a lifetime!

Speech Skills

Being able to listen, interpret, and respond effortlessly can prove very beneficial for developing minds. Our certified staff will focus on musical activities that promote speech and communications in order to give your young one ample practice for their communication skills. Humans as a species are inclined toward utilizing music for enjoyment and communication, linking us all as beings of rhythm. When your toddler is able to communicate better, from social interactions with peers to expressing needs and concerns, everybody wins!

Cognitive Capabilities

All of the engagement, memorization and social interactions will work in tandem to improve every young musician’s cognitive competency. Based on its style and tone, music can affect your moods and feelings. Musical engagements activate the auditory, limbic, and motor sections of the human brain, among other sections. Covering several activities that comprehensively engage the mind will result in a more comprehensive approach to learning. While standard lectures and activities are helpful for promoting cognitive advances, none are as efficient as music.

Providing a quality approach to musical play and dance can prove very beneficial for a number of reasons. The Wonder Years Learning Center is proud to be one of the best preschool learning centers in Dyer, and our proven system for child education success is unsurpassed by other childcare centers. By providing the best toddler day care services, we strive to be the best center in the NWI region every year. If you are in need of a childcare center, contact us today to learn more!