Your child might be in preschool now—but before you know it, you’ll be dropping them off for their very first day of Kindergarten. It’s an exciting and stressful time for parents and kids—but if your child is prepared for what’s to come, they’ll have a much easier transition into what is essentially the beginning of their academic career.

In this blog, Wonder Years Learning Center, your Dyer preschool learning center of choice, will give you tips for preparing your child for kindergarten. The harder you work to prepare your child, the more success they will have in kindergarten and beyond!

Boost your child’s social life.

Kindergarten isn’t just a time of improvement for your child’s knowledge and learning abilities—it’s a time for your child to learn how to interact with their peers and adults. They’ll learn a lot about how to work together in groups, solve interpersonal conflicts, and of course, to share with their classmates. The earlier you introduce your child to concepts of sharing, cooperation, and teamwork, the more success they’ll have in kindergarten and the rest of elementary school—so schedule some play dates with other kids, enroll your child in sports, art classes, and other activities, and make sure your kid gets plenty of chances to interact with other kids as well as adults!

Improve your child’s self-awareness.

You’ve certainly taught your child about being aware of others—but have you taught them about being self-aware? Your child should know their name (and how to spell it), age, address, and phone number in case of emergency, and they also know the names of their basic body parts so they can describe what (and where) they’re feeling if they get hurt. These basic facts might be difficult for your child to memorize, so use a song or pictures to help them lock them into their brains.

Work on solidifying numbers and letters.

Kindergarten is all about learning numbers and letters—and the earlier your child can know these characters, the quicker they’ll advance in reading and math when they make it to the first grade. Using songs and visual aids is a great way to introduce letters and numbers to your child, and repetition is key—so start as early as possible so your child has a head start when kindergarten rolls around!

That’s it for Part 1 of our series on preparing your child for Kindergarten. Stay tuned for Part 2, and check out our other blog posts in the meantime!