Summer is a time that is truly meant for families. With longer days and warmer weather, you and your toddler will love trips to the pool, mornings at the park, road trips to vacation destinations, and so much more. Your toddler is learning and growing so much at this stage in their life, and summer is the perfect time to encourage their growth, especially in literacy.

There are so many amazing things you can do to help your child on the path to literacy success, even before they begin to pick up a book. Wonder Years Learning Center is dedicated to help your child continue their literacy development, and we’re happy to share some tips with you! Read on to learn more about how to maintain a great literacy foundation with your children, from summer to beyond.

Use New and Relevant Vocabulary

Did you know that by the time a child enters kindergarten, their vocabulary actually is shown to affect their success in school? This isn’t just true for kindergarten, but it impacts their entire educational career. One major thing you can do to help grow your child’s lexicon is to practice using new words that tie into relevant activities—and encourage them to use the words as well!

For example, going on a walk is a great way to practice vocabulary that will stick. Give words to the things in your environment: “mailbox,” “apartment,” “curb,” “sidewalk,” and “street” are great starting points. Expand with words and details like “birch tree,” “brick,” “siding,” and ask your toddler to point out other similar examples. The more you diversify your words and engage your toddler, the more their vocabulary will grow.

Find Books That Relate to Your Toddler

Taking weekly trips to the library is simply the best! What better way to expand your child’s literacy growth than with a plethora of free books? To make learning even more relevant, help your child find books that match events in their life. Going over potty training? Take a trip to the pool? Visit grandma and grandpa? There are books for all these experiences and more.

Build on the storytelling by asking your toddler age-appropriate questions throughout. Make the story even more fun by acting out verbs, or pretending to be nouns. Your toddler will have so much fun being a part of a story, not to mention being involved with a story that relates to them.

Download Literacy-Related Apps and Games

The number of literacy-related apps is seemingly endless. Check reviews and popular apps in online stores, and talk with your early childhood educators about any recommendations they might have. They will happily give you ideas!If you are not in possession of an iPad, not to worry! Talk with your local librarian about computer usage, and some libraries might also have iPads for rental.

At each of our Indiana locations, Wonder Years offers eLearning accounts for families to continue education at home. We believe education is an essential and ongoing process, both in and out of the classroom. Contact Wonder Years Learning Center today to get more information!