Early childhood education can be a polarizing topic for many parents. Some parents want to take their child’s education into their own hands—which is an excellent attitude—but there are certain experiences and skills that children can discover in pre-kindergarten learning development programs like the Wonder Years Learning Centers in Munster and Dyer.

In this blog, your early childhood development experts will show you a few (of many) benefits of early childhood education. These benefits can improve the development of your child, so they can learn and live better!

Your child will gain important social experience.

One of the most important aspects of early childhood education is socialization—or introducing your child to people outside of the home—in order to help them learn social skills and enhance their awareness of the world around them. Enlisting your child in a preschool or early childhood development program can help them overcome shyness and gain self-confidence faster, and will prepare them for the social and logistical processes of kindergarten—leaving them one step ahead of kids who don’t experience pre-K education.

Socializing your child early on is also important because it helps them make friends faster—and the more friends they have, the more confidence and excitement they will have when it comes to their education.

Your child will have a better understanding of manners.

Whether it comes in the form of sharing with peers or following directions from a teacher, showing your child how to be polite and courteous can be a difficult task, especially if they have limited social interaction with others. Signing your child up for a pre-kindergarten program lets them learn these skills first-hand with people their age, allowing them to solve conflicts (or learn from unsolved ones) as they happen. We hate to say it—but learning experiences like that can carry a lot more permanence than lectures from parents.

Your child will have an accelerated rate of holistic development.

Early childhood education programs are specifically designed to improve the skills of children on physical, emotional, social, and cognitive levels—and if your child is falling short on one of those levels, early childhood educators will work hard to improve those skills by incorporating new activities into their curriculum. This educational strategy ensures that your child is developing holistically and making strides in all aspects of life—which is exactly what it takes to create a well-rounded and capable student from kindergarten all the way through college.

Your child will learn the power of teamwork.

Teamwork makes the dream work—and there’s no better way to help your child learn this fact than by throwing them into situations where they must learn from, collaborate with, and respect the opinions of their peers. Working in groups is an essential part of human success and survival, whether it’s in the academic, professional, or personal world. It’s best that your child learns these skills as early on as possible.

Your child will learn how to concentrate.

When your child is young, their mind is vibrant, imaginative, and full of energy—which is a sign that your child’s mind is active and ready to learn! However, all of that activity won’t be useful unless your child can focus that energy into productivity. Education forces children to sit down, concentrate, and tackle a single task—and while this may go against the true nature of kids, it’s an important skill that will help kids be more productive of successful throughout their lives. Concentration may not come easy for your child at first, but with some practice, they’ll make great strides in their academic progress.

Your child will discover the power of resilience.

Even as an adult, it’s very unlikely that things will go right the first time. Part of learning and growing is making mistakes—completely botching the first attempt at something—and then finding the resilience to make the second attempt better than the first.

Whether it’s writing letters of the alphabet or learning how to tie shoes, kids are going to stumble for quite awhile before they figure things out. But if they develop the grit to solve problems and hurdle over obstacles early on, they can accomplish just about anything.

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