Having a baby is a whole new adventure, as we’re sure you have realized by now if you have an infant who has learned to crawl around your home and is starting to get into trouble. Just keep in mind when you’re trying to roll toilet paper back onto the roll, that when an infant is exploring, they are practicing their motor skills! But practicing their motor skills can also mean trying to open doors, trying to put objects into an outlet on the wall, and trying to climb stairs. This is when baby proofing your home becomes a must. Here are some tips to set up a baby-safe home.

At Wonder Years Learning Center, our infant daycare staff are fully trained and experienced to handle all sorts of situations and children of various ages, from infants to preschool age children. And you can be 100 percent confident that our facility is free of sharp corners, edges, and our doors are childproof to ensure that no one gets into anything they shouldn’t.

Infant Daycare DyerCover Electrical Outlets

A majority of outlets are close to the floor, making it easy for infants and young children to access the curious holes in the wall. There are several options for closing up these holes. A popular and budget-friendly option are plastic covers with three points that fit securely into the outlet. They are fast and easy, but aren’t difficult to wiggle out of the outlet. For a more secure option, there are plates that automatically close when a cord isn’t plugged in.

Block Stairs

An infant falling down the stairs can be a very scary situation, but again, there are plenty of options to protect the big climbable mountain of steps. Baby gates are the traditional choice and they come in a variety of styles that can even fit in with your decor.

Toilet Paper

Yes, it is cute when a baby is covered in toilet paper, but it could add up to be an expensive toy over time. An easy fix for this problem is to keep a stretchy hair tie available. Install a holder that lets you simply slide the roll out so that you don’t have to remove the entire roll each time you need to use it and secure the hair tie around the roll.

Securing Drawers and Doors

This is especially important in the kitchen where there could be harmful objects within reach. For infants who haven’t figured out how rubber bands work, use them to make a figure eight around two door handles that are close together. There are many other options available that use locks or spring releases to secure doors.

Infant Daycare Dyer

Cordless Window Treatments

It may be an initial investment to get new window treatments, but it will be worth it after you find your infant tugging on the strings. Keeping the drawstrings out of reach will not only keep your living room safe, but creates a clean look.

Secure the TV

Whether it’s a TV, a tall bookcase, or a lamp, try to secure these items to the wall or the table that they sit on. One bump into the TV or table could result in an object falling.

Keeping your children safe at our infant daycare facility is always a top priority, whether they are inside coloring or outside playing on swings. Call our daycare today for a tour and to learn more about our curriculum!