Starting at 6 weeks old, our infant childcare center rooms have been specially designed to create a fun, loving, warm and secure environment that encourage your infant to learn and grow in their own, unique way. We accommodate your infant’s schedule while introducing fun and educational daily activities.

• Fun explorations that encourage developmental growth with age-appropriate material and toys.
• Language and communication strengthening fine and gross motor skills
• Rocking, singing, laughing, and hugging
• Stimulating sensory activities
• Building physical strength and motor coordination

We understand that bringing an infant into the childcare environment for the first time can be delicate for both the parents and the infant. At the Wonder Years Learning Center, care is handled by experts with the full support of the school management team to build the necessary teacher-child bond. As your child’s senses are developing, the staff will tend to his or her needs and offer the loving care each child is entitled to.

We want in our infant day care center to thrive in our environment and develop a sense of confidence. The trained staff will take care of your child’s daily needs the same way you do, as you would expect, offering the love and attention they deserve!